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The chess game begins

It looks like the Russians are wasting no time. They are going to move missiles on the EU border in “response” to our plans to install a missile DEFENSE system. It looks like the Cold War is restarting.

Bush didn’t lie

For the past 5 years the Left’s mantra on Iraq has been that “Bush lied and people died.” This rallying cry grew out of Joe Wilson’s op-ed piece in the New York Times in which he clearly declared that Iraq was not pursuing the purchase of raw nuclear material. This led to the Robert Novak/Valerie Plame/Dick Cheney affair which ended up with “Scooter” Libby’s prosecution. You can read a good summary here.

Well, since “we all know” that Bush has been “so thoroughly discredited on the WMD issue”, I thought you might be interested in learning that Iraq really did have an ongoing nuclear program. In 2003, our troops found a HUGE amount or raw nuclear material.

However, President Bush has been willing to endure public humiliation and defamation for the past 5 years to prevent this discovery from becoming known to any terrorists. That is unselfish maturity. The uranium has been sold and secretly delivered to a Canadian company.

Did you notice when this operation was completed? Did you hear anything about this? I wonder why?

Maybe the broadcast media didn’t think that this was a big news item? Just like the San Francisco Chronicle didn’t think that a certain candidate for the Presidency planned to bankrupt the coal industry was important news to their readers.

Just thought you might be interested in a little truth.