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From the center?

I have heard that some of the “conservative” pundits are nearly certain that our next President will “certainly govern from the center.” He can’t possibly govern from the left.

And how did they reach this conclusion? His voting record shows him to be the most far left politician in the Senate. Surely he was just posturing or positioning himself…

or perhaps his record reflects his ideology and values.

Perhaps his associations with far left, Marxist radicals reflect his own ideology and values.

Perhaps his own words spoken during interviews and speeches actually reflect what he believes.

Perhaps he will do just what he said he will do…

We will all get the answer soon

Rejecting liberty

We have chosen a candidate who has publicly stated that he will appoint judges who, like him, view the Constitution as fundamentally flawed because it reflects a blind spot of the Founding Fathers.

That the Constitution of the United States has been universally recognized as the greatest political document ever written evidently means little. That it has ensured the greatest amount of liberty to the greatest amount of people of any political document in history means next to nothing.

What do you think the future holds for the people who elected a candidate who seeks to remake it in the image of the document that has brought about the greatest destruction to humanity? Do you think liberty will increase or decrease?

To this writer, the answer is obvious.

The chess game begins

It looks like the Russians are wasting no time. They are going to move missiles on the EU border in “response” to our plans to install a missile DEFENSE system. It looks like the Cold War is restarting.

How would you like to be beaten?

Although many Americans choose to remain blissfully ignorant, the United States has international enemies. Russia would be one. China would be another. Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and Cuba would be a few others. There are more.

They are not ignorant of our current situation.

They realize that we have continue to elect politicians who are determined to keep us dependent on foreign oil in the name of protecting the environment.

They realize that we are weak financially because of our insatiable thirst for more than we have.

They also realize that we are divided as a nation.

If I were our enemy, now would seem like a good time to test us.

With this in mind, this election shapes up as a choice between two beatings.

If we choose to hold onto our Christian heritage and the freedoms that it gives us through the Constitution by choosing the McCain/Palin ticket, we are choosing to be whipped by our parents. It will hurt, but it will be redemptive.

If we choose to reject our heritage of liberty by choosing Obama/Biden, we are choosing to be taken to a dark alley and beaten by our enemies. There will be no mercy.

Bush didn’t lie

For the past 5 years the Left’s mantra on Iraq has been that “Bush lied and people died.” This rallying cry grew out of Joe Wilson’s op-ed piece in the New York Times in which he clearly declared that Iraq was not pursuing the purchase of raw nuclear material. This led to the Robert Novak/Valerie Plame/Dick Cheney affair which ended up with “Scooter” Libby’s prosecution. You can read a good summary here.

Well, since “we all know” that Bush has been “so thoroughly discredited on the WMD issue”, I thought you might be interested in learning that Iraq really did have an ongoing nuclear program. In 2003, our troops found a HUGE amount or raw nuclear material.

However, President Bush has been willing to endure public humiliation and defamation for the past 5 years to prevent this discovery from becoming known to any terrorists. That is unselfish maturity. The uranium has been sold and secretly delivered to a Canadian company.

Did you notice when this operation was completed? Did you hear anything about this? I wonder why?

Maybe the broadcast media didn’t think that this was a big news item? Just like the San Francisco Chronicle didn’t think that a certain candidate for the Presidency planned to bankrupt the coal industry was important news to their readers.

Just thought you might be interested in a little truth.