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A glimpse into the future

I dropped my daughter off at the animal hospital today. On Thanksgiving!

Evidently, to more than a few people, our pets imagined “emotional health” is now more important than setting aside a time to be thankful to God.

As I headed home, I thought of the growing trend of people treating their pets like children. How “cute” it all is! How trendy!

Where will this anthropomorphizing end?

Let me venture a guess…

Since it is currently acceptable to treat animals like children, how long will it be before some pop culture television show or magazine does an “exposé” of some hot, “edgy” chicks in New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles who have chosen to make “Bruiser” their partner?

It may already have happened as far as I know. I don’t frequent those “hip”, dark cultural alleys.

You say that is sick. Who are you to impose your morality on her?…or me?

Seriously, what is to stop it? After all, who is she harming? If it makes her happy…

And while we are at it, why can’t she and “Bruiser” be “married”? Why should we limit it to two humans?

“For the mind set on the flesh is death…”  Romans 8:6

Dog’s best friend

My youngest daughter has to work tomorrow! On Thanksgiving!

What does she do? She works at an animal hospital. She had to go in to keep the dogs company!!!

“Keep the dogs company? You mean a dog can’t be alone for one day?”

“Dad, 200 people are paying the hospital to keep their dogs company over the holidays.”

I guess things have changed. In the not too distant past, a dog was frequently referred to as man’s best friend. Now, I guess man has become dog’s best friend.

No matter how much we try to deceive ourselves, they are still just dogs. No matter how much we flatter ourselves in our imaginations about our pet’s “loyalty” to us and “emotional dependence” upon us, they still remain animals. Your precious “Fluffy” or prized “Bruiser” will gladly abandon your house to come over to mine if I start feeding it better than you do.