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Access to birth control? Access? Really?

Who doesn’t have access to birth control? Are there millions of people who don’t have access to supermarkets or pharmacies? How about a gas station or a truck stop with a condom dispenser in the bathroom?

If there is someone who lives with those circumstances, they could always abstain. No one produces a child without being a participant in the act, whether willingly or unwillingly.

So, it must not really be about access.

So why is it suddenly an issue?

Is the real issue about forcing other people to pay for it…particularly the “bitter clingers”? Is it about using the power of the State to force them to violate their religious convictions, to bow down and acknowledge the State as all-powerful and therefore god? Or is it to try to stir them to rebel so you can declare them as terrorists and scoop them up off the street and detain them indefinitely without a trial?

Is it vital because a morally dissolute populace is easier to control?

I mean, what would happen if young people actually had to come to grips with the fact that their actions have consequences?

What if they had to take responsibility for their actions?

What if they had to grow up and become responsible for someone beside themselves…if they had to learn to nurture and care for another human being?

Why then they would be adults. And they wouldn’t need the government to fill the role of the parent.

No, we cannot let that happen! We must do whatever we can to entice young people to give in to a life of irresponsibility and personal pleasure and force those who stand for moral accountability to pay for it. We must tear down every vestige of civilization!