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Tolerance is not the goal

“There is no place in America for anything but an embrace – not just tolerance – of people’s religious beliefs. Equally, I would say great caution should be exercised when people try to restrict people’s rights.”  Rick Jacobs, chairman of the Courage Campaign

The homosexual activists have been claiming that all they want is tolerance. However, Mr. Jacobs let the cat out of the bag during the Courage Campaign’s recent effort to prevent the passage of Proposition 8 in California.

Tolerance is not enough. No. The homosexual activists plan to force everyone to “embrace” their moral choices.

It has already begun. eHarmony has been cowed into offering its matchmaking services to homosexuals. it is only a matter of time until your church, parish or synagogue is next.

They plan to use the courts to force you to repent of your lack of love and acceptance. In fact, it appears that they will not be satisfied until you are forced to deny all that you believe and celebrate their choice.