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True lies

The homosexual activists are targeting the Mormons because they contributed an unusually large percentage of the funds that were used to promote Proposition 8 in Kahleefornia (imagine Arnold saying it). One of the complaints against the campaign is that it ran television ads that were “as close to blatant lies as you can get.”

What were the “blatant lies” that have offended so many? The ads promoted the idea that children would be required to learn about homosexuality in school.

Let me make sure that I understand this. The people of the United States have repeatedly and overwhelmingly rejected the idea of homosexual “marriage”. Yet, the homosexual activists are determined to force that majority to “accept” their lifestyle. If they succeed in changing the definition of marriage, what is the next logical step?

The fact is that homosexuality has already been introduced into the classrooms. Anecdotal reports tell of elementary school teachers in CA taking their classes on field trips to City Hall to witness a homosexual “marriage”.

The television ads told the truth. The homosexual activists are angry because the majority of the people have once again rejected their attempt to reshape the culture.