How would you like to be beaten?

Although many Americans choose to remain blissfully ignorant, the United States has international enemies. Russia would be one. China would be another. Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and Cuba would be a few others. There are more.

They are not ignorant of our current situation.

They realize that we have continue to elect politicians who are determined to keep us dependent on foreign oil in the name of protecting the environment.

They realize that we are weak financially because of our insatiable thirst for more than we have.

They also realize that we are divided as a nation.

If I were our enemy, now would seem like a good time to test us.

With this in mind, this election shapes up as a choice between two beatings.

If we choose to hold onto our Christian heritage and the freedoms that it gives us through the Constitution by choosing the McCain/Palin ticket, we are choosing to be whipped by our parents. It will hurt, but it will be redemptive.

If we choose to reject our heritage of liberty by choosing Obama/Biden, we are choosing to be taken to a dark alley and beaten by our enemies. There will be no mercy.


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